My multi-faceted writer’s life

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I think math is unforgiving. I love words because of their gorgeous flexibility and magical growth into sentences and posts and chapters and books.
I started freelancing in 1994, after the lifelong dream of a backpacking trip through Europe lured me away from my daily newspaper career. In my 20something single apartment days, I balanced a police scanner, court dockets, three cats, and a Pomeranian.
A few decades latter, I balance my love of words, my need to pay the bills, my passion for Africa, and my family. The empty nest is close but elusive. Thanks COVID.
I love my family, friends, and dogs. When I am not with them, I am happiest at my laptop. My passport is always up to date. I am obsessed with media and politics. I read non-fiction but do not write it. In my “real” job as senior editor at the International News Media Association, I focus on international media. In my side hustle, I write the chapters I’d like to read, mostly about gracefully transitioning from the parent-child relationship to the parent-adult child relationship.

My coworkers, left to right: Sosa, Hadley, and Roger

Sometimes I dance in Congo.




About Dawn McMullan

Dawn McMullan is a freelance writer/editor in Dallas, Texas. Her two sons are now 21 and 24, Sawyer in college and Noah starting his post-college career, and both interrupted empty nesting during the pandemic. Dawn helps run a non-profit in Eastern Congo and is senior editor at the International News Media Association.
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